Our Vineyard

Glorious calcareous limestone shale is abundant in our vineyard soils

Ciento Cellars’ estate vineyard is comprised of 14.4 acres with blocks situated between 1200-1400 feet above sea level.  The vineyard is comprised of both gently undulating terrain as well as steep hillsides often coexisting within the same block!

Our soils are rich in calcareous limestone shale that is so emblematic of the terroir of the westside of Paso Robles.  Importantly though, we also have just enough clay that contributes water holding capacity and loam that provides vital nutrients.  Check out the samples of limestone shale in the tasting room!

Ciento’s estate vineyard was mostly planted in the Spring of 2019 with the exception of the Cinsault and Petit Verdot blocks that were planted in 2021.  These blocks are just coming into production in 2024 so we’re very excited to add these fascinating components to our spice rack.  The Viognier block that sits just below the tasting patio was planted in 2023, so we’re still a couple of years out for fruit production in this block.


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